Two Licensing Options: Own or Use

It's Yours
If you're in need of something custom, something special for your specific application, we can help. Global Tek Labs offers accessory design services leveraging our existing reference designs to shorten your time to market and will provide you all the information to modify your design down the road. Because this option tends to be up front labor intensive, it is the higher cost option. If cost is of utmost concern, try our licensing options.

Use Ours
Global Tek Labs has done all the "heavy lifting" to develop many smartphone and tablet accessories. Point of Sale is our specialty and if you need to add swipe capability, Global Tek is the one to talk to. Let's face it, all designs will require some customization...there's no getting around that. But with careful systems analysis in the beginning, let's see how much we can reuse to speed up your time-to-market. Licensing fees are subject to negotiation on a per project basis.