Global Tek's iOS Accessory Process

The AirePoint Credit Card Reader
Released January of 2010, the AirePoint credit card reader was the first iOS accessory to give small businesses the freedom to perform card transactions wherever business happens.

Engineering Labor Pool
Global Tek can provide your company a pool of engineering hours that you can use as needed to assist in your accessory development project. You must have a valid MFi developer's license.

Phase 1: Discovery
Global Tek works with your company to develop a product plan for your accessory design. This basically gets you started down the accessory path and is used to determine if your idea meets Apple requirements. You must have a valid MFi developer's license to begin the discovery phase.

Phase 2: Prototype Development
Upon completion of the Discovery phase, Global Tek aissists you in developing a working prototype of your accessory that can be used for app development, investor relations, proof-of-concept, and submittal to Apple in order to complete the MFi certification process. Cost varies depending on how much effort you need us to provide.

Phase 3: Production
Should you decide to continue with your accessory development, Global Tek can work with you to convert your prototype into a production quality product. We have both US and overseas manufacturing partners depending on your needs and goals.