Global Tek Pricing Options

Cost of Developing an Accessory
The first question we get asked is "How much will this cost?". The amount will vary depending on what you are trying to do, but Global Tek's pricing strategies can help you by focusing on providing only services and support you need.

Project Management Support
In addition to being an MFi Manufacturing Licensee, Global Tek offers project management support focusing on tracking of interrelated tasks, identifying critical paths, resolving schedule conflcts, and taking the burden off your shoulders. Contact us to talk with our PM expert.

Engineering Labor Pool
FOR MOST COMPANIES an engineering labor pool (hours) provides the best solution. This works well when your team performs the vast majority of the design and development work. Global Tek focuses on working with your team from an MFi perspective, primarily handling the submission and testing process, while providing your team the necessary technical support needed, as directed by you.

Specific Directed Tasks
If your project needs help with a specific aspect such as firmware, PCB layout, App support, etc., in addition to the standard labor pool, Global Tek can provide support on a deliverable basis. This usually works well for smaller, less defined projects where much of the development has not yet been solidified, e.g. development of a proof-of-concept PCB for showing to investors.