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Global Tek Labs is the technology leader for mobile attachment design and manufacturing.
Our engineering team has over 30 years of electronics and computing design experience.

Molly Maskrey, Principal Engineer, developed major portions of some of the most advanced surveillance systems in the US Government. Employed by major aerospace contractors such as IBM, TRW, Lockheed-Martin, and Boeing, she designed embedded and onboard systems for surveillance satellites such as the USAF's Defense Support Program, sonar control systems on submarines and the adaptive optics control system for the USAF's 3.6m optical telescope atop Haleakala on the island of Maui..

Since 2010 Ms. Maskrey has developed accessory electronics for both iOS and Android systems including the popular lilitab swipe unit with fully encrypted magnetic swipe capability. Other projects have included RFID security systems, NFC accessories, barcode scanners, underwater pressure systems and SBC/SoC embedded Android point of sale systems.

The entire Global Tek team is dedicated to fast and efficient electronics design as well as friendly customer service. We are happy to make your life easier.

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